Toastmasters and programming

Toastmaster’s is an international organisation that was created initially by Ralph Smedley, a YMCA director in Illinois USA. He set up these meetings as a way of training people to speak in public. The meetings continued on a regular basis and became an organisation called toastmaster’s see This organisation has since spread around the … Continue reading Toastmasters and programming

Yet another awesome feature of ReSharper – decompiled sources

We all know that ReSharper is amazing, right? But I keep discovering the scale of its awesomeness over and over again. Quite recently I have learned about one of the cool features which is navigation to decompiled sources. If you already know about it – skip along, but if not, I hope it makes your … Continue reading Yet another awesome feature of ReSharper – decompiled sources

Lunch’n’Learn – 3 of our favourites

For the last 4 years I've run lunchtime training sessions and I was pleased to bring this practice to Mountain Warehouse when I joined. For us, this takes the form of finding a video on a subject that we're all interested in or need to know more about, getting some lunch and watching it together. … Continue reading Lunch’n’Learn – 3 of our favourites

First steps into Docker & Jenkinsfiles

When we decided a year ago to automate our continuous deployment process (previously releases were quick but manual), I had the chance to look at Docker. It was more accessible for Linux, not all features were working on Windows and the documentation was little, but we gave it a go. I started to implement a … Continue reading First steps into Docker & Jenkinsfiles

A Multiple Browser Testing Framework

Abstract This discussion will revolve around the two main testing packages in use today – NUnit and Selenium. Both are fantastic tools but expect you to write tests in a single scenario, perhaps a ChromeDriver as an example. Multiple browser testing usually requires repeating the test for each browser you specify, here we solve this … Continue reading A Multiple Browser Testing Framework

Implementing generic controllers in ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI – Part 2: binding to derived classes

In the first post of this series I covered the customisation of default MVC framework behaviour that needs to be done to reuse controllers for the Competition website. Apart from MVC controllers we need to have ApiControllers, as most of the front-end functionality in the website implemented in React.JS. And again, most of the basic functionality … Continue reading Implementing generic controllers in ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI – Part 2: binding to derived classes