Quick win: keyboard-based ticket search for Firefox and Chrome

I can’t really believe I haven’t done this before but it only crossed my mind the other day. There are a few plugins available but there’s really no need to do that.

The aim is to be able to jump to a ticket – or basically any search in JIRA using the keyboard alone. In my case, I’d usually type “Ctrl+T” (new tab), “Ctrl+L” (select omnibox), “j AM-100” and it should take me straight to the correct ticket.


Visit the search engines management page (chrome://settings/searchEngines) and click Add.

Search Engine: Jira
Keyword: j
URL: https:///secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=%s

Note: Chrome command is “Ctrl+L”, “j AM-100”.


Is easier – just right click on the search box and select “Add a Keyword for this Search…”

JIRA firefox search

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