Lunch’n’Learn – 3 of our favourites

For the last 4 years I’ve run lunchtime training sessions and I was pleased to bring this practice to Mountain Warehouse when I joined. For us, this takes the form of finding a video on a subject that we’re all interested in or need to know more about, getting some lunch and watching it together. We’ll also have a bit of a round-table discussion about the video’s content and how it might relate to what we do here.

The very best videos give us something to think about for months, alter how we’re doing things and become a resource we return to on a regular basis (both as a refresher and also for new joiners). In this article I’d like to share 3 of those.

Beautiful REST & JSON APIs

This is definitely my favourite technical video that we’ve played – it takes that basic understanding of what a REST API is and gives clear directions into how to make a good, re-usable REST API that’s open for extension. Whenver we’re doing major work on an internal API I recommend that the team rewatches this!

Implementing Infrastructure as Code

Although it’s a little outside my expertise and day-to-day responsibilities, I’ve been aware of Infrastructure as Code for a while and this video brought the rest of the team up to speed on what’s possible and why you should do it. For the Infrastructure team here I believe it was very useful and we’ve made steps towards it ever since our lunch session.

Scott Hanselman on Productivity

Some of the team have said this video has literally changed their lives – Scott makes some very good suggestions on how to control your time and improve your personal workflow, this is geared towards developers but can be useful to anyone.

There are quite a few versions of this online – this is the best balance of good audio & good audience response that I could find.

Bonus: Embracing the network

Not so relevant to most of the team at Mountain Warehouse, however this was the highest rated talk by my previous team – so I’m sharing it here as well. Note: the specific video I have watched previously has disappeared from the internet, this is one that I can find from a different conference.

If you’re interested in more, I keep a list of all the lunch’n’learns we run on my personal blog. NDC Conferences also produce a large number of videos and the standard of these is very high.

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