Announcing EasyMWS – a NuGet package replacement for AMTU

We've integrated with Amazon MarketplaceWebServices for some time, but we've done that by generating the relevant feeds as files and placing them on a server for the Amazon-provided AMTU to manage sending those files and retrieving them. Recently we've needed to expand our integration to automatically download reports on a regular schedule and analyze them … Continue reading Announcing EasyMWS – a NuGet package replacement for AMTU

Xamarin Forms + AltBeacon – technology spike test

Michał is the Lead Developer for our team based in Warsaw. Once a month in Mountain Warehouse we have a self-development day. It is a chance for our team to improve programming skills, attend tech debates, watch inspiring tutorials or start a small new project using latest technologies. This time my team decided to jump … Continue reading Xamarin Forms + AltBeacon – technology spike test

Toastmasters and programming

Toastmaster’s is an international organisation that was created initially by Ralph Smedley, a YMCA director in Illinois USA. He set up these meetings as a way of training people to speak in public. The meetings continued on a regular basis and became an organisation called toastmaster’s see This organisation has since spread around the … Continue reading Toastmasters and programming

Yet another awesome feature of ReSharper – decompiled sources

We all know that ReSharper is amazing, right? But I keep discovering the scale of its awesomeness over and over again. Quite recently I have learned about one of the cool features which is navigation to decompiled sources. If you already know about it – skip along, but if not, I hope it makes your … Continue reading Yet another awesome feature of ReSharper – decompiled sources

Lunch’n’Learn – 3 of our favourites

For the last 4 years I've run lunchtime training sessions and I was pleased to bring this practice to Mountain Warehouse when I joined. For us, this takes the form of finding a video on a subject that we're all interested in or need to know more about, getting some lunch and watching it together. … Continue reading Lunch’n’Learn – 3 of our favourites

First steps into Docker & Jenkinsfiles

When we decided a year ago to automate our continuous deployment process (previously releases were quick but manual), I had the chance to look at Docker. It was more accessible for Linux, not all features were working on Windows and the documentation was little, but we gave it a go. I started to implement a … Continue reading First steps into Docker & Jenkinsfiles